MK 1.6 Germanium Fuzz

​​Price Range: $500 - $600 ($NZ incl GST)

The MK 1.6 Germanium Fuzz is based on a classic fuzz circuit of the mid 60s.  The closest ancestor is the fabled 'MK 1.5' Tone Bender circuit and this model has a few added touches to enhance playability in the modern world.


The circuit is built upon a hand etched board with the highest quality components and an obsessive  attention to detail.  The MK 1.6 is battery powered only - the on/off switch disconnects battery from the circuit when plugged in so you can keep on your board without having to remove the input lead.  


Each Pedal is built by hand, one at a time, and individually voiced to optimize its specially selected pair of germanium transistors.  This means no two pedals are identical - they all have unique attributes and components are chosen for their sonic qualities in the given circuit.


The controls are simple but highly effective - 'Attack' dials up the fuzz and 'Level' sets the overall output of the effect, which ranges from soft to sonic destruction. The pedal provides a vast tonal pallet to play with and subtle changes in pick attack and tweaks to your guitar's volume and tone controls offer up unlimited avenues for expression.


The gain switch provides additional modes of operation and acts like a preset level for rolling the volume back on your guitar.  In 'High' mode the pedal is unrestrained and emits a fat, fully saturated fuzz. 'Low' mode tightens up the response, just a touch, and is also a fraction brighter.   The changes are subtle but highly useable and add to the versatility of the pedal in response to different musical situations, guitars, amps etc.  Wherever you set it, be prepared for scintillating boosted fuzz tones!    

  • NOS Germanium Transistors

  • Premium quality components throughout

  • Custom fitted padded cover (included)

  • Certificate of Authenticity (included)

  • Custom options available

  • Handmade in New Zealand

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