Fine handcrafted guitar amps and effect pedals for the discerning musician

Cunningham Amplifiers is a specialist guitar amp and effect pedal manufacturer founded by Tim Cunningham in Auckland, New Zealand.  After training in Texas and a never ending tour of London, Tim has focused his craft on distilling the essence of great guitar tone.  A simple design philosophy, the finest components and an uncompromising attention to detail allows the purest signal flow for freedom in expression. 


The amps and pedals are built one at a time and are as much an art piece as a working musician's tool. A range of options, including valve driven reverb and tremolo are available for small valve combos up to 100 watt heads and matching cabinets.  Tim specialises in custom design and often works closely with artists to conjure their dream amplifier into reality.  If you're looking for something special to help create your own unique sound, get in touch to find out more.


Many thanks Tim for one very cool amp, especially when I plug a vintage Gibson guitar into it, your amp makes it sing with a most old tone!

Bernie Messmer

Hey Tim, Amp is sounding mega on the recordings if you didn't hear already... MEGA MEGA TONES.

Ukiah Brown

Hey Tim, how's it going? Had a first play with the amp last night (after a few vinos). Fooking sounds excellent! 

Steve Sherry

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