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Tim has fantastic ears and that’s really most of the battle in this game.  He also builds with attention to detail rarely seen today, and it’s been a pleasure working with him to nail these incredible tones.

One play on his Germanium MK1.6 and you’ll be hooked. I’m a fan!

Nick Perri, United States

I have been a fuzz fanatic for forty years now! I tend to use very clean amps and get my distortion from several cabinets that are full of fuzzes.

I just purchased a MK 1.6 and I want to tell you how much I am enjoying it. It is a complex and subtle fuzz! I probably have 45+ Tonebender variant fuzzes here on the Tonebender shelf, and this is in the top 5 Tonebenders for my personal taste.


It does not really sound exactly like any other Tonebender here and it is an exceptionally expressive pedal to play guitar through. Thanks so much for creating a great pedal!!

Henry Kaiser, United States


The MK1.6 Fuzz easily got to be my no.1 pedal. It literally can do anything. From a lovely boost, over to rich mild fuzz, up to full and filthy.


Turn the volume knob on the guitar and it cleans up like no fuzz I have ever played before.


But most important: It always complements the guitar and keeps the original character and dynamics. Thanks for that wonderful pedal Tim!

Timo Girnth, Germany

Easily the most touch sensitive and versatile fuzz pedal I’ve had the pleasure of playing.


This pedal is extremely inspiring. The blistering fuzz tones give you goosebumps and the creamy tone you get by backing off the volume a touch is downright addictive.


With a build quality that’s second to none, this is definitely a ‘stuck on a desert island’ pedal and it will never be leaving my pedal board.


Thanks Tim!

Travis Becroft, Australia

MK 1.6 Silicon Fuzz Pedal

I bought a Cunningham Dux Deluxe II valve amplifier a couple of years back now and have been absolutely impressed by it in every way.

I own old Fender and Gibson tweed amps from the 1950's and early 1960's, which I use for recordings mainly.  I bought the Cunningham Dux Deluxe, as it's basically a Fender Deluxe 5E3 design that's souped up or Hot rodded! 

I wanted a new more reliable amp for live gigs. This amp has delivered everything I was hopeful of and more.  It also looks really cool and is small and light to lift.


When I've had the opportunity, I've been able to compare it to other handmade valve amplifiers and I believe it will hold it's own against any other amplifier on the market. This includes the more top end of the market, with amplifiers like Tone King as an example.


Lastly I'd like to say Tim Cunningham learnt his craft from some of the best hand wired valve amplifier builders in the world. As he came back to New Zealand and builds them here for us, why not support him, so he can keep expanding his vision and deliver for the electric guitarists in NZ.


Thus many thanks Tim for one very cool amp, especially when I plug a vintage Gibson guitar into it, as your amp makes it sing with a most old tone!

Bernie Messmer, New Zealand

Dux Deluxe II Guitar Amplifier

When I was looking for a new fuzz, I spent a bit of time trawling through the amazing builders I follow on Instagram, listening to their wares and trying to judge which one sounded best online, through my headphones. Tough. Every time I listened to something new, I found myself comparing it to the MK1.6 from Tim at Cunningham Amps. I decided this was the next fuzz for me and I took the plunge.

Boy, I was not disappointed. Firstly, Tim is a delight to work with, updating me right throughout the build and sending photos of the pedal at various stages. It was like I was having a new guitar built.  Talk about customer service.  


To top all this off, and just as importantly, this fuzz is killer. It has so much in regards to tone onboard and it's impossible to make it sound bad. Crank this thing up and hold on to your hat. It's a beast.


I cannot recommend Tim highly enough. He is a great guy and builds great equipment.

Rich Turner, Tasmania, Australia

Cunningham Fuzz Pedals

Hey Tim, Amp is sounding mega on the recordings!  If you didn't hear already...



Ukiah Brown, New Zealand

Hey Tim, how's it going? Had a first play with the amp last night (after a few vinos).


Fooking sounds excellent!

Steve Sherry, New Zealand

Cunningham Custom 35 Guitar Amplifier

I was lucky enough to have a play through a Cunningham MK 1.6 Germanium Fuzz and - Wow! 

Musical, dynamic and full of character, without doubt the best fuzz I’ve ever played!

The way it reacted to changes in guitar volume changed my view on what a good fuzz is all about.

Glyn (MrGlyns Pickups), New Zealand

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