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  • Originally re-released a little over a decade ago, the G12H guitar speaker remains hugely popular with players looking to recreate the classic sounds of 60s and 70s rock.With a strong, aggressive low-end and powerful low-mids, the G12H penetrates any mix with an attacking upper mid-range and an ice-cool top- end. Used singly or in quartets it provides serious attitude to soft amp tones, easily cutting through loud stage levels for chord work, and imparting a hard edge to single notes.A favourite in the 'boutique' amplifier market, the G12H guitar speaker is often used on its own or paired with a Celestion Blue or Gold for a full-bodied sound that adds ceramic attitude to the chime of an Alnico speaker.

    Listen to a sound clip of this speaker here!

    Celestion - G12H Anniversary

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    • Specifications

      Nominal diameter 12", 305mm
      Power rating 30Wrms
      Nominal impedance Available 8Ω or 16Ω
      Sensitivity 100dB
      Chassis type Pressed steel
      Voice coil diameter 1.75", 44.5mm
      Voice coil material Round copper
      Magnet type Ceramic
      Magnet weight 50oz, 1.42kg
      Frequency range 75-5000Hz
      Resonance frequency, Fs 85Hz
      DC resistance, Re 6.7Ω and 13.1Ω


      Mounting Information

      Cut-out diameter 11.1", 283mm
      Diameter 12.2", 309mm
      Magnet structure diameter 6.1", 156mm
      Mounting slot dimensions 0.31",7.9mm
      Mounting slot PCD 11.7", 297mm
      Number of mounting slots 4
      Overall depth 5.3", 135mm
      Unit weight 10.4lb, 4.7kg