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  • The Custom 35 is an all tube guitar amplifier available in both head and combo configurations. Two uniquely voiced channels are foot switchable for running independently, in parallel or cascaded modes providing a hugely diverse tonal pallet ranging from crystalline cleans to high gain tube saturation.

    • Channel 1 - Tweed style - big juicy cleans through to 'dimmed on 12' overdrive. ​
    • Channel 2 - British style - classic Plexi tones for crunchy rhythm and singing leads.

    Independent/Parallel channel switching modes

    When running the amp in independent mode, activating the channel switch selects either Channel 1 or Channel 2. Each channel has it's own control for gain and tone so you can set up separate tones for rhythm and lead. In parallel mode - the channel switch selects either Channel 1 or both channels combined. In this mode, Channel 2 blends on top of your Channel 1 tone. This is great for adding boost and drive whilst maintaining your underlying tone. Similar to jumpering channels on a dual channel amp - there's a huge range of tonal possibilities to experiment with when blending the channels this way. Channels can be switched on the fly using the foot controller or via the front panel.

    Cascaded mode switch

    In cascade mode, Channel 2 borrows an additional gain stage from Channel 1 to produce modern high gain tones. Channel 1 in this mode is crystal clean with a warm vintage vibe when driven. Channel switching works as above.


    Cathode Biased Output Stage

    The Custom 35 utilises a cathode biased output stage which adds to the organic, singing quality of the amp. It also allows different output tube types to be installed without needing to re-bias the amp. Fitted with EL34s as standard, try out a set of 6L6 or KT66 output tubes for a unique tonal signature.

    Tube driven spring reverb is standard. Footswitch and fully padded custom cover also included as standard. 

    Custom 35 Amp Head

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    • Specifications

      • Guitar amplifer head.
      • Footswitch with LED indicators for reverb and channel selection (included).
      • Custom fitted padded cover (included).
      • Matching speaker cabs available seperately.
      • Power output - 35 Watts.
      • 2 x EL34 power tubes.
      • 5 x 12AX7 preamp tubes.
      • 1 x GZ34 rectifier tube.
      • Independent channel controls for Gain and Tone.
      • Master controls for Volume, Treble Cut, and Reverb Mix.
      • Independent, parallel and cascaded channel modes.
      • Tube driven reverb with full sized spring reverb tank.
      • Line out with adjustable level control.
      • Parallel speaker outs, switchable for 4,8 and 16 ohm operation.
      • Custom Tolex options available.
      • Handmade and hand-wired in New Zealand.