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  • The Dux Deluxe III is an all-tube guitar amplifier available as a combo. Based on the timeless Tweed Deluxe design of the late 50s - this amp takes the tried and tested platform to a whole new level.


    The design brief for Mark III of this amp was to squeeze as much as possible from the classic small combo without losing the essential tweed vibe. This amp adds tube driven spring reverb to the package and punches out 22 watts of pure tube tone from a pair of JJ 6V6S power tubes.


    The input stage has three selectable modes for low, medium and higher gain operation. These provide a wide range of tonal options and also work well for matching different guitar and pickup combinations to the amp. Engaging the boost switch adds grit and drive to your signal without a big jump in volume - perfect for cutting through the mix on leads.


    The finger-jointed solid pine cabinet is modelled from our original 1957 Tweed Deluxe. Footswitch and fully padded custom cover included.

    Dux Deluxe III Guitar Amplifier

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      • Available as a 1x12" combo.
      • Power output - 22 Watts.
      • 2 x 6V6S power tubes.
      • 1 x 6SL7 phase inverter tube.
      • 1 x 12AX7 preamp tube.
      • 1 x 12DW7 preamp tube.
      • Master controls for Gain, Tone, Volume, and Reverb. .
      • Tube driven reverb with full sized spring reverb tank.
      • Line out with adjustable level.
      • 8 ohm speaker output.
      • Footswitch for reverb and boost selection (included).
      • Custom fitted padded cover (included).