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  • Nick Perri Signature MK1 Fuzz - Sold Out in less than 60 seconds!  Thanks for all the interest, we'll make another batch in the not too distant future.


    Introducing the Nick Perri Signature MK1 Fuzz!  This custom handmade pedal pays homage to one of the legendary fuzz boxes from the early days of loud – the MK1 Tone Bender. 


    This edition is the fruit of our collaboration with Nick to produce a scintillating fuzz that cuts through the mix and breathes new life on the rock n roll stage.  Based on an earlier Zonk/MK1 Wedge we built for Nick, this fuzz focuses its power on producing smoking hot MK1 tones in a pedalboard friendly enclosure with a little extra special desert spice thrown in. 


    Below the Battery On/Off switch on top are controls for Attack and Level (left and right).  Attack dials in the pedal’s sweet spot and Level sets the overall output.  Adjusting the output level higher or lower also has an impact on the tone.  It’s a bit brighter at lower levels and fattens out as you turn it up.  Experimentation is the key here to find where it works best with your setup.


    The Nick Perri MK1 also features a LED indictor lamp and DC power jack.  The internal battery is included as standard.  Note: External DC power operation requires use of an isolated power supply – most modern multi-outlet pedalboard supplies meet this requirement.  This pedal operates with a positive ground and must not have its power input daisy chained to other pedals.  Please get in touch if unsure whether your supply meets this requirement.  Current draw is very low at 5mA which allows for plenty of life when using the internal battery.


    Each pedal is optimised for its set of transistors to provide the ultimate fuzz experience. This special batch uses a trio of premium New Old Stock transistors - Texas Instruments 2N1307 in Q1, Mullard/Valvo Black Glass OC45 in Q2 and Texas Instruments 2G308 in Q3. The sets are matched for their tonal qualities and how they interact together in the circuit. All are of the highest quality and tested by ear for low noise and great tone.


    The Nick Perri MK1 has a tactile, chewy attack, loaded with interesting overtones and some tasty gating that’s accentuated when rolling back your guitar volume or softening your attack. Always musical and inspiring to play – this is the type of effect that sends you off exploring unchartered sonic territory - endless fun and always inspiring!


    All pedals come complete with a custom carry bag, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and instruction card.

    Nick Perri Signature MK1 Fuzz

    Out of Stock

      • Custom painted enclosure
      • Desert Gold Finish
      • NOS Germanium Transistors
      • Vintage Bakelite knobs
      • Battery On/Off Switch
      • Switchcraft Jacks
      • Shielded Input/Output wiring
      • Premium quality components throughout
      • LED indicator
      • DC power (isolated supplies only)
      • 5mA current draw
      • Internal Battery (included)
      • Custom carry bag (included)
      • Certificate of Authenticity (included)
      • Instruction Card (included)
      • Handmade in New Zealand