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    The Octave Fuzz features a hybrid Germanium/Silicon circuit with four transistors and four diodes dialled in to create monster fuzz and octave up tones.  Based on legendary fuzz circuits from the 60s and tweaked for today’s needs, each Octave fuzz is tuned by ear and handmade with individually selected components. 


    Vintage style octave fuzzes are an instrument all to their own and there’s a huge range of tone to be found through musical exploration and experimentation.  The Octave Fuzz takes this to a new level by adding a separate footswitch to toggle between pure fuzz and octave fuzz.  There are also highly interactive ‘Tone’ and ‘Mids’ controls to shape and finetune your tone - from heavy scooped mids fuzz through to in your face distortion. 


    ‘Sustain’ controls the amount of gain and also adds compression, ‘Output’ controls the overall output level of the pedal and there's plenty on tap!  The ‘Octave Hi-Cut’ switch allows you to finetune the octave tone in relation to the base fuzz tone.  Set in the middle is the standard setting – switched left or right gives two different levels of high treble attenuation which helps mellow the octave in some settings.    


    Fuzzes are generally best placed first in the signal chain as this allows the pickups and guitar controls to interact with the unit.  Subtle changes in pick attack and guitar volume can have a big impact on the tone…  dive in and have fun!     

    All pedals come complete with a custom carry bag, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and instruction card.

    Octave Fuzz - Shell Pink

    Out of Stock

      NOS Germanium and Silicon Transistors - Hybrid Circuit

      Premium quality components throughout

      Custom carry bag (included)

      Certificate of Authenticity (included)

      Instruction Card (included)

      Handmade in New Zealand